Kai Beta launch


Welcome to Kai - a new collaborative food system designed to shake up the way we produce food & buy groceries in New Zealand.
We're here to revolutionise our food ecosystem & we'd love you to join us.

But before we go full throttle, we're seeking an important group of VIPs (or "Beta testers") to help make sure everything is running smoothly.  ?

Kai Beta will begin operating in:
Morningside, Kingsland and Eden Terrace in Auckland.

Who are we looking for?

People who love to give new things a go, and are willing to take Kai to the next level. If you believe in our mission, and are keen to share your opinion and user experience, we want you on board!

We need people who aren't fazed by teething problems and who will give us instant feedback if something does go wrong. You'll be an important part of our team effort to launch Kai to the general public as soon as possible.

You need to be able to accept your delivery in Morningside, Kingsland or Eden Terrace -- our beta delivery suburbs.

What's involved?

  1. Sign up and use Kai to plan your weekly menu and buy your groceries online.
  2. Choose your dietary preferences and set your budget then Kai will serve up recipe suggestions to match.

Our technology gives you complete flexibility and there are some pretty cool features! For more detailed information on how Kai works click here.

We pack and deliver orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2pm-5pm. We are currently opening Kai to VIPs or ('Beta testers') in Morningside, Kingsland and Eden Terrace in Auckland.

Sign up to Kai Beta

What do I need to do?

Simply sign up and start using Kai today. Use our feedback portal as frequently as possible to let us know how everything's working. Each Beta tester who orders for four consecutive weeks will also receive a beautiful apron - our small gift to say thanks for your time, and willingess to help.

Sign up to Kai Beta