Grocery planning & delivery that's good for everyone

Kai delivers delicious, affordable, healthy groceries and recipes to your door - and regenerates the food ecosystem at the same time.

*Currently available in selected Auckland suburbs.

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  • Diverse Recipes

    Choose from hundreds of diverse recipes contributed by foodies from around the world. Discover delicious new flavours.

  • Kai recommends, you choose

    Set your own budget, tell us your food preferences. Kai’s technology makes suggestions but you choose every meal.

  • Kai sources fresh, quality produce

    We source the best produce available in real-time, reducing food waste and shortage issues dramatically.

  • 48-hour delivery

    We deliver groceries straight to your door in just 48-hours, from farm-to-doorstep. Happy cooking!

Why Kai is awesome.

Kai is more than just grocery delivery. Our technology reduces food waste and regenerates the food ecosystem by allowing suppliers and growers to work with what the market needs.

  • Set your own budget
  • Only order what you want
  • No wasteful small packaging
  • Kai learns your preferences — so you eat the recipes YOU love
  • Pay-as-you-go (no subscriptions)

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The food revolution has begun!

Kai is a collaborative food system, and we’re on a mission to disrupt the status quo. Our proprietary tech accelerates healthy, sustainable food to all people. It learns what you love, knows what is available, and matches the two, making it efficient.

We’re opening up Kai to the world so we can revolutionise together.

Be part of the journey, be part of Kai.


From farm-to-door in 48 hours.

Kai is a meal planning and grocery delivery service currently serving select Auckland suburbs. The Kai technology delivers fresh, quality ingredients and healthy meal plans to your doorstep in just 48 hours.

Enjoy the freedom to choose from hundreds of diverse recipes contributed by foodies from around the world. The Kai technology will remember your dietary preferences and make suggestions for your next order based on the recipes you love.

Kai dramatically reduces food waste. Instead of throwing perishable food away, our aim is to virtually eliminate waste by only sourcing the best produce available in real-time from suppliers and growers. Every purchase made through Kai strengthens the food ecosystem, and we will continue to do more. Happy cooking!